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Premium Pet Dog and Cat Ear Cleaner Solution

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All-Natural Pet Ear Infection and Mite Treatment Made with Eucalyptus and Aloe Vera - No Steroids or Chemicals, for Sensitive Pets - Vet Formulated
  • ✔ RAPID RELIEF FROM ITCHING & SCRATCHING…this ear cleaner helps relieve the root cause of many problems such as ear mites, flea bites, inflammation, yeast infections, & irritation
  • ✔ ALL-NATURAL - NO STEROIDS OR CHEMICALS… a plant & botanical-based ear infection treatment for dogs & cats made from Aloe Vera & Eucalyptus for effective anti-fungal & antibacterial action
  • ✔ EASY TO APPLY… and works fast; an ear cleaner solution for sensitive pets that causes no burning or stinging, and can be used for puppies & kittens, and large or small cats & dogs
  • ✔ VET FORMULATED… for maximum effect; a broad-spectrum cleaner that deodorizes, soothes, and eliminates the build-up of dirt, debris, ear wax and gunk…it even smells nice too!
  • ✔ EACH SALE HELPS PETS WITH CANCER… our “Pets Helping Pets” program aims to help save 100 pets with cancer by 2020. Send a pic of your pet with our bottle & we’ll donate to charity and send you a pic of the pet you’ve helped. Product comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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