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Pet Squeak Barn Dog House

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  • $175.99



  • Small House Dimensions
          - External: 25.5W x 25.75D x 27.5H inches
          - Internal: 21W x 19D x 23H inches
          - Door Opening: 9.5W x 11.25H inches


  • Medium House Dimensions
          - External: 29.75W x 32.75D x 31.25H inches
          - Internal: 23.25W x 26.25D x 26.5H inches
          - Door Opening: 11W x 13.5H inches


  • Large House Dimensions
          - External: 31.75W x 38.75D x 33.75H inches
          - Internal: 25.25W x 32D x 29H inches
          - Door Opening: 11.75W x 16H inches


Pet Squeak Pet Squeak has been providing beloved pets a place to call their own since 1996. With an emphasis on quality, affordability, durability, and safety, Pet Squeak’s products are built to last with style to spare. And since they’re easy to assemble and delivered right to your door, you can spend more time with Fido and Fluffy and less time dealing with complicated instructions.

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